What Are the Most Common Car Repairs?

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At Zingani Collision, auto body repair is one of our specialties. However, when your vehicle is in our shop after a recent accident for body repair work, we can diagnose other problems that your car might have. In this article, we’ll review the eight most common car repairs we encounter, their causes and signs, and why it’s important to have them fixed — and not just to get that annoying “check engine” light to go off!

Brake Replacements

brake replacement common car repair

One of the most common car repairs is replacing worn brakes. Usually, the first sign that your brakes need replacing comes as a high-pitched grinding sound that most car owners describe as squeaking brakes. When your brakes begin to squeal, that’s a sign that something is going wrong. The sooner your brakes are checked, the better the chances of having a lower repair bill. If you neglect squeaking brakes, you won’t just need your brake pads replaced, but you’ll probably run into problems with the brake drum and discs.

Spark Plugs

common car repair spark plugs

Spark plugs ignite the fuel in your car’s engine, getting the electric current they need from the ignition. When your spark plugs wear out, your gas mileage can be negatively impacted, and your engine may run rough or shudder. Spark plugs are a simple and inexpensive repair. When you bring your car in to get the spark plugs replaced, it’s a good opportunity to replace the spark plug wires as well.

Catalytic Converter Problems

The catalytic converter is part of the vehicle’s exhaust and emission control system. The purpose of the catalytic converter is to convert carbon monoxide into carbon dioxide. If you smell sulfur or rotten eggs coming from your exhaust, that’s a sign that the catalytic converter may be having problems and need replacement. When the catalytic converter is malfunctioning, it will reduce your vehicle’s fuel efficiency and can result in a rougher ride.

Fuel Cap Tightening

There are quite a few issues that can cause that check engine light to come on, and one of them is a loose fuel cap. In fact, an improperly tightened fuel cap is probably the number one culprit behind those annoying check engine lights. While it may not seem like a major issue, a loose fuel cap can result in leaking gas fumes. A properly tightened fuel cap, on the other hand, can help you save on fuel and possibly extend the useful life of your fuel pump. This is an extremely inexpensive and worthwhile fix.

Intake Manifold Gasket

Other common car repairs involve the intake manifold gasket. The job of the intake manifold is to direct the mixture of air and fuel to the correct cylinder. The gasket lies between the intake manifold and the engine and acts as a seal. If it begins to leak, too much air will make its way into the combustion chamber and your engine will no longer fire correctly. It can also allow coolant to leak into the engine and contaminate the oil. Usually high temperatures and corrosion are the culprits behind a leaking gasket.

Oxygen Sensor

oxygen sensor car repair

The oxygen sensor has a straightforward job: to monitor the amount of oxygen in the exhaust. If there is too much oxygen in the exhaust, the fuel/air mixture needs to be adjusted. When the sensor identifies that condition, it sends a signal to trigger your check engine light and sends another signal to the engine to adjust the fuel mixture.

Most cars have two to four of these sensors attached along the exhaust pipe, and when one of them no longer functions correctly, it can negatively impact your gas mileage and efficiency. Replacement parts are easy to find, but finding the actual sensors can be very difficult and is usually best left to professionals who know where to look.

Mass Air Flow Sensor

The mass airflow sensor (MAS) verifies how much air is entering the fuel injection system. Signs that it is malfunctioning include the following: engine drags when idling, engine is hard to start, engine stalls not long after starting, hesitation and jerks during engine acceleration, and engines with the “hiccups.” If your vehicle is exhibiting these symptoms, you may need to get the mass air flow sensor repaired. One way you can keep it from failing is to replace your air filters regularly.

Basic Body Damage

car dents

Dings and dents can happen anywhere – from your own garage to the parking lot. However careful you may be to avoid contact with other cars, most basic body damage is caused by other people when you’re not present. Fortunately, minor damage doesn’t take long to repair and doesn’t cost that much, either. Slight body damage is one of the most common car repairs.

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With decades of experience working with vehicles of all types, Zingani Collision can get your car running smoothly and looking like new. At Zingani, we don’t just perform collision repair; we can service many of the most common car repairs listed above.

We have state-of-the-art equipment and expert technicians who will diagnose your vehicle and get it running as soon as we can. And if you should ever find yourself stranded with a car that refuses to run, we offer a 24-hour towing service. So the next time your car needs collision repair work, give us a call. We’re the most trusted auto body shop in Delaware County!